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Wiki Syntax
Bold text     __text__
Italic text     2 single quotes (').     '"text"'
Underlined text     ===text===
Colored text
~~#FFEE33:text~~ or ~~yellow:text~~. Will display using the indicated HTML color or color name. Color name can contain two colors separated by a comma. In this case, the first color would be the foreground and the second one the background.
Deleted text     2 dashes "-".     --text--
!heading1, !!heading2, !!!heading3
!+, !!- show/hide heading section. + (shown) or - (hidden) by default.
Autonumbered Headings
!#, !!#, !+#, !-# ...
Table of contents
{toc}, {maketoc} prints out a table of contents for the current page based on structures (toc) or ! headings (maketoc). Common optional parameters for maketoc are: title|maxdepth|levels|nums, and for toc are: order|showdesc|shownum|structId|maxdepth|pagename.
Horizontal rule     ----
Text box     ^Box content^
Centered text     ::text::
Dynamic variables
%Name% Inserts an editable variable
External links
use square brackets for an external link: [URL], [URL|link_description],[URL|link_description|relation] or [URL|description|relation|nocache] (that last prevents the local Wiki from caching the linked page; relation can be used to insert rel attribute for the link - useful e.g. for shadowbox).
For an external Wiki, use ExternalWikiName:PageName or ((External Wiki Name: Page Name))
Square Brackets
Use [[foo] to show [foo].
Wiki references
((page)) or ((page|description)) for wiki references , ((page|#anchor)) or ((page|#anchor|desc)) for wiki heading/anchor references
* for bullet lists, # for numbered lists, ;Word:definition for definiton lists
+, ++ Creates an indentation for each plus (useful in list to continue at the same level)
|| row1-col1 | row1-col2 | row1-col3
row2-col1 | row2-col2 | row2-col3 ||
Title bar     -=Title=-
Monospace font     -+Code sample+-
Line break
%%% (very useful especially in tables)
Multi-page pages
Use ...page... to separate pages
Non-parsed sections
~np~ data ~/np~ Prevents wiki parsing of the enclosed data.
Preformated sections
~pp~ data ~/pp~ Displays preformated text/code; no Wiki processing is done inside these sections (as with np), and the spacing is fixed (no word wrapping is done). ~pre~ data ~/pre~ also displayes preformatted text with fixed spacing, but wiki processing still occurs on the text.
~tc~ Tiki Comment ~/tc~ makes a Tiki comment. It will be completely removed from the display, but saved in the file for future reference. ~hc~ HTML Comment ~/hc~ makes an HTML comment. It will be inserted as a comment in the output HTML; these are not normally displayed in browsers, but can be seen using "View Source" or similar.
{r2l}, {l2r}, {rm}, {lm}Insert with respect to right-to-left and left-to-right text direction DIV (up to end of text) and markers for langages as Arabic and Hebrew.
Special characters
~hs~ hard space, ~c~ ©, ~amp~ &, ~lt~ <, ~gt~ >, ~ldq~ “, ~rdq~ ”, ~lsq~ ‘, ~rsq~ ’, ~--~ —, ~bs~ \, numeric between ~ for HTML numeric characters entity


Because the wiki paragraph formatting feature is on, all groups of non-blank lines are collected into paragraphs. Lines can be of any length, and will be wrapped together with the next line. Paragraphs are separated by blank lines.


Note that plugin arguments can be enclosed with double quotes ("); this allows them to contain , or = or >.
More help here

Anchor Link alink
Create a link to an anchor
Anchor Name aname
Create an anchor that can be linked to
Article article
Display a field of an article
Article List articles
Display multiple articles
Author author
Add popups and color coding that identifies authors
Box box
Create a formatted box with a title bar
Button button
Add a link formatted as a button
Calendar calendar
Display a calendar and its events
Category category
List categories and objects assigned to them
Category Orphans catorphans
List objects that are not categorized
Category Path catpath
Show the full category path for a wiki page
Center center
Center text
Chart chart
Display a chart from TikiSheet.
Code code
Display code with syntax highlighting and line numbering.
Countdown countdown
Display the time until or after a date and time
Definition List dl
Create a definition list
Div div
Define and format sections of a page or text
Events events
Display events from calendars
Fade fade
Create a link that shows/hides initially hidden content
Fancy List fancylist
Create a formatted numbered list
Fancy Table fancytable
Create a formatted table that can be filtered and sorted
File file
Link to a file that's attached or in a gallery or archive
Files files
List files by ID, gallery or category, or show a slideshow of image files.
FONT font
Format the font type and size of text
Gauge gauge
Display a horizontal bar gauge
Group group
Display content based on the user's groups or friends
Group List grouplist
Create a complete or filtered list of groups
Group Stats groupstat
Show the distribution of users among groups
HTML html
Add HTML to a page
Iframe iframe
Include the body of another web page in a scrollable frame within a page
Image img
Display one or more custom-formatted images.
Include include
Include a portion of another wiki page
Include Template File includetpl
Include a Smarty template (.tpl) file in a page.
Last Login information userlastlogged
Show the most-recent log-in information for a given or current user.
List list
Search for, list, and filter all types of items and display custom-formatted results.
Map map
Display a map
Media Player mediaplayer
Add a media player to a page
MetaTag metatag
Add custom meta tags to the HTML head section of the page where the plugin is used.
Mini Quiz miniquiz
Create a quiz using a tracker
Module module
Display a module
Mouseover mouseover
Display hidden content by mousing over text
Now now
Show the current date and time.
Poll poll
Embed a poll
Proposal proposal
Allow users to vote on a proposal and view the results
Quote quote
Format text as a quote
Redirect redirect
Redirect to another page.
Remarks Box remarksbox
Display an alert box containing a comment, tip, note or warning.
RSS Feed rss
Display items from one or more RSS feeds
Scroll scroll
Create a section of text that is scrolled up and down with JavaScript.
Set a Full-Width Page Title fullwidthtitle
Display the page title the full width of the site content container.
ShareThis sharethis
Add a ShareThis button
Sheet sheet
Display data from a TikiSheet
Shorten shorten
Show/hide a portion of text.
Signature sign
Sign and date your contribution to a page
Slider slider
Embed a mini-slideshow of content on a page
Slideshow slideshow
Create a slideshow from the content of a wiki page
Sort sort
Sort lines of text
Split split
Split wiki content into two or more columns and rows using the deprecated method of an HTML table.
Subscribe Group subscribegroup
Allow users to subscribe to a group
Subscribe to newsletter subscribenewsletter
Allow users to subscribe to a newsletter
Subscript sub
Create subscript text.
Superscript sup
Create superscript text.
Survey survey
Embed a survey
Tabs tabs
Create a set of tabs to contain page content.
Tag tag
Apply an HTML tag to content
TimeSheet timesheet
Embed a timesheet into a page
Tracker tracker
Embed a form to populate a tracker
Tracker Comments trackercomments
Display the number of comments for a tracker
Tracker Filter trackerfilter
Create a form to filter tracker fields
Tracker If trackerif
Display content based on the results of a tracker field test.
Tracker Item Field trackeritemfield
Display or test the value of a tracker item field
Tracker List trackerlist
List, filter and sort the items in a tracker
Tracker Prefill trackerprefill
Create a button to enable users to prefill tracker fields.
Tracker Stats trackerstat
Display statistics about a tracker.
Tracker Timeline trackertimeline
Show a timeline view of a tracker
Tracker Toggle trackertoggle
Adjust the visibility of content based on a tracker field's value, possibly dynamically
Transclude transclude
Include the content of another page, with specified changes.
Twitter twitter
Display the activity of a Twitter account.
User Link userlink
Display a link to a user's information page
UserInGroup useringroup
Check if an individual user is in a particular group and display either "yes" or "no".
Versions versions
Create tabs to show alternate versions of content, such as earlier and updated information.
Vimeo vimeo
Embed a Vimeo video
Vote vote
Create a tracker for voting
Wanted Pages wantedpages
Show the locations (on wiki pages) of links to pages not yet created.
Web Document Viewer webdocviewer
View a document in a page
YouTube youtube
Embed a YouTube video in a page